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About Me

Since 2017, mental health advocacy has been an integral part of my career, and as a professional Toronto-based photographer, director, producer, and Canon Canada ambassador, I primarily tell stories through visuals, words, and other mediums that focus on the human condition, self-actualization, and mental health on behalf of technology, finance, and media organizations.

After an existential crisis that included an intense and transformative episode of depression during the summer of 2014, and after witnessing various forms of trauma within many communities and environments around the world, I concluded that lack of mental health, lack of introspection, lack of mindfulness, and lack of compassion define the root causes of most societal and individual challenges.

I am also grateful to be a certified mindfulness consultant, working with some of the most ambitious executives, entrepreneurs, corporate teams, and athletes in the world, and I dedicate my career to my wonderful parents, Asselin and Ketty.


I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of creative professional and some leave a lasting impression; Ajani is one of them. Each project he has collaborated with Canon Canada on is done with careful consideration and purpose. Not only is Ajani a talented Creative, he’s been a great mentor to young creatives in the Canon community. It has been a pleasure working with Ajani.

Brett Gaskell, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Canon Canada.


Ajani is such a delight to know and work with. I’ve been honoured to have him facilitate digital mindfulness workshops for my organization, and had the pleasure of being interviewed and photographed by him for Thrive Magazine. He has such a wealth of knowledge in mental health, wellness and it’s integration in business and art. We have always been deeply aligned in terms of interests and business values. I would highly recommend working with Ajani for those that want someone with a vast skill set, depth, authenticity, and incredible talent in teaching, consulting, art direction, photography and mindfulness training.

Rhiannon Rosalind, CEO, The Economic Club of Canada, Co-Founder, Conscious Economics.


Ajani is an incredibly skilled photographer and marketing consultant. He has achieved great success within his industry, yet takes the initiative to share his knowledge and skills through providing opportunities for young emerging artists and entrepreneurs. I have come to know Ajani through the community development work I do with the City of Toronto. In the time I have known him, Ajani has demonstrated a commitment to contributing to the community. He has mentored young people individually and leveraged his networks to share skills and build capacity of youth artists. He has designed and delivered rewarding projects for young photographers, such as the Visionaries initiative. He has also created a social enterprise component of his company, The Ark Media Group.

Laura Metcalfe, Project Manager, The City of Toronto



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